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Who is steph KADLICKO?

I'm really into fashion, but pretty much live in leggings with which I struggle getting my showered damp legs into every day. Have you ever tried to put wet legs into leggings? Have you ever wanted to see what a totally defeated 5'8" grown adult woman looks like? Find me at about 7:15 any morning during the legging ordeal and I’ll demonstrate for you.

I say I don't like sugar, but I seem to eat a lot of it. I like McDonald’s quite a bit. And brussels sprouts sautéed in Worcestershire sauce. Besides being in love with food, I'm really in love with everything. I love a lot of things. It’s rarely a “like.” I usually just LOVE it. All in...or not in. My dogs kiss me on the mouth, I can sit and talk for hours with great people, and I love my family very much. I've always thought my circle of friends needed to be wider, but one day I woke up and realized I have the very best friends in the whole wide world. They're the type that can drop away for months and in five seconds be right back where we were months ago. They're timeless and they are rocks. I value them so much that I tear up thinking about them. I'm so insanely thankful for all of my people.

My favorite thing to do is have people - great amazing people - over at the house. I love to cook for them and listen to endlessly long stories. I love it so so MUCH. I like new friends, old friends, young friends, bold friends...I just want them to be amazing. Generally speaking, time with people is precious to me - it’s so valuable because there is so little of it. Each person has a story and they have a face that tells a story. So often we see these iconic photos of models or actors or InstaFamous people and it represents them in this perfect light. They are dressed perfectly, posed perfectly, lit perfectly, and for a brief second we idolize this beauty, but we never really put that idolization into words. We rarely say “I want a portrait like that” aloud. But why not? Why can’t you have a beautiful portrait like that? That model or InstaHuman took the time to take that photo. I hope you take the time to take one too. Take time this coming month to orchestrate that for yourself. You deserve it. Take a well lit selfie. Use your timer feature, redo it until you love a pose and love how you look…and love what you feel when you see the photo. And if you want a hand, schedule a session with me. I do this. I do this for others. And I do it for myself. I want to capture what life is like today, on camera. I want it for every bit of my life because having those moments in photos melts my heart. Portraits are incredible. That's what made me want to be a photographer. This is what I want to do for you. I want you to see what it's like when someone who is completely in love with you, looks at you - and what you look like loving them back. I want you to see how iconic you look when you’re lit well, dressed well, and when directed to look straight on into the camera…to see your perfect face. I want you to see what you look like when you feel so full of love you are exploding. This is all so beautiful from the outside looking in, let me show you.

Everyone should know what it feels like to look incredible and to feel proud to say “this is me” without feeling guilt, conceit or shyness. I want anyone who sits in front of my camera to have a beautiful snapshot in time, that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. A lot of times, women come to me for portraiture. Some portraiture comes in the boudoir flavor, but a lot of it comes as an experience of hair, makeup, and wardrobe, and just an iconic shot of them. It’s not so much about what they’re wearing or not wearing, but about how incredible they can look in that moment. Same goes for men. Perfect lighting. Perfect details. The perfect shot. I just feel everyone deserves to give themselves that gift. It’s not necessary to save it up for a wedding. Or for family photos. People go to salons, they go to spas, they go shopping. That’s all just for them on any given month. So I say, don’t forget your portrait to document it. Do it for you you. Alone in front of my lens, or as a couple on your wedding day. You deserve that.

For your wedding, in particular, I will so so rarely ask a you to look at the camera when we are shooting. On your wedding day it's about the two of you connecting, not the clarity of your pupil looking back at me. I want you to stand super close to each other during photos. I like you to focus on what you feel, hold each others’ faces gently in the palms of your hands, run your fingers through each others’ hair, put your lips up by your fiance’s ear, whisper something, be there. Let your favorite human in the whole world know you’re there with only them. And then let me capture that. I want people to see your photos later and want their own version of that - what they see in your photo. I want your love and your imagery to inspire others.

Let’s travel the world together. Let’s find that spot that is yours. And let me take you through a luxury experience you wont forget. Beyond all formality and business it would be an honor to get to know you. But honestly, only if you’re a great person. Be great, then call me. I’ll give everything of myself if you trust in me.


Who's this? This is my bestie Mere on the day she married Chad, the love of her life. She's all over the website. It's like Where's Waldo...she's hiding out on every page! :) Keep looking and find all 12!

Who's this? This is my bestie Mere on the day she married Chad, the love of her life. She's all over the website. It's like Where's Waldo...she's hiding out on every page! :) Keep looking and find all 12!