Taylor and Jack: Omaha Bride & Groom do a Des Moines Engagement


Sometimes you meet couples where you think to yourself, how did they get so cool? Meet Taylor and Jack a couple I wonder that about.

Jack picked up this amazing antique engagement ring for Taylor that blew my socks off. I think I held Taylor’s gentle hand in mine for abut 15 minutes swooning over it, in a rainy cafe one Sunday, before I let it go. It’s perfection in all the right amount of intricacy and roundness. My my, Jack, you done good.

Then you look at their hair, so cool. Their outfits? Cool. Shoes? Cool. Everything is just cool and you see them laugh and smile and hug and you’re like, man, all is right with the world.

Thank you to Jack and Taylor for coming into my life and making me smile. Thank you for bringing other people into my life like Emily and Dalton who won me over with their kindness to one another. I’m a better person for meeting all of you. So grateful!