Tamrin and Alex: South African Bride Rocks a Fine Art Boho Engagement


There’s another post in my blog journal about takin pictures on the moon with Morgan and Alan. In it I told you one other couple went with us. This is them! Meet Tamrin and Alex a solid mix of South Africa and Iowa.

We often hear couples that are in love will make it work. That they’ll be patient and accommodating, understanding and supportive. Well, these two wrote the book on that. Tamrin embodies all things cool you’d want in a girlfriend, laughter, sarcasm, and a big appetite. She’s game for anything and could hang out with 60 year olds and 4 year olds and not miss a beat. She could paint a room, hold a lesson, or cook you Korean food like chef. Alex is a financial genius. Ask him about financial planning, knowing where to cut back and knowing how to live it up. Alex wrote the book on that, literally. He’ll show you how to lead, he’ll show you how to farm, and he’ll show you a side of sarcasm you didn’t know existed. These two people are salt of the earth and if you think I’m just saying this to be nice, ask them about the time they kept me in their house for two weeks while I had an explosive flu where I was going for IV infusions, completely contagious, and they let me stay at their house and cuddle with their dog, so I didn’t have to be alone.

I love my friends!