Morgan & Alan: A Fine Art Boho Engagement Way Past Kansas City


I pride myself in having the best clients in the world. I pick them as much as they pick me. If that sounds snobby, please realize, that unless you have a spectacular relationship with your vendor (aka consider them a friend and not a vendor), your images won’t meet their full potential. Now, if you have a couple and a photographer that get along like sisters from other misters, then you have what Morgan and I have. Kindred spirits with the same brand of sparkles running through our respective veins.

Morgan wanted to wear sequin. I wanted Morgan to wear sequin. Alan wanted to wear boots, Morgan was hoping wanted to wear his boots which she loved him in. Alan wanted Morgan happy, and happy Morgan mean happy Alan, which makes amazing photos, which in turn makes Steph happy. Do you see how this started coming together? So we said what location on planet earth is worthy of Morgan in sequin and Alan in snazzy boots? We all agreed it would be better on some place like the moon and then we decided on Monument Rock.

I rented a suburban, we jammed ourselves, a bunch of hairspray and fake lashes and one other amazing couple into the ‘burb and drove eight hours across the midwest to get to the moon. We photographed and soaked up this amazing location until we couldn’t soak up anymore, ate a Casey’s taco pizza and drove another eight hours home, absolutely satiated. This is my favorite location at which I’ve ever shot. I love it so much I’d drive back there again. Who’s coming?