Jenny & Jed: Bringing Fine Art Boho Weddings to Des Moines


I guess there’s always a theme to my posts…my absolute delight with people that have style. I work hard to keep my style choices…err, stylish. So when I witness people pulling it off so effortlessly, I can’t help but be amazed.

Meet Jenny and Jed, a farm couple that brought big city to their farm roots and smoked the competition. Look how good they look! Their wedding at the Scottish Rite Consistory in Des Moines was stunning, with every detail thought of check out their attire, expressions, and professional modeling. I mean I literally did nothing here to help them look this good.

I will leave you on this note. Tone, light and color palette can make or break wedding album. It’s not to say that purple, pink, or blue, or any other color are wrong, but they need to be paired with minimal other colors to not inundate the viewer with chaos. They stuck to a simple palette, but when they did use some color it didn’t take over and compete with other parts of the frame. We picked locations that would work together with the stylistic elements they sought and details they had planned. Go team. The planning absolutely paid off.