You, the Client have received this model release because you have been photographed or agree to be photographed by Photographer Stephanie Kadlicko (5th Photography, LLC), and some or all of your images will be used for promotion via website, blog, social media, and/or print by Stephanie Kadlicko. In addition to you granting permission for these images to be shared, you also have permission to use the images for personal purposes such as personal branding, social media, and personal unbound prints up to an 8x12 size (ordered only through 5th Photography). Additional sizes and all products shall be ordered through 5th Photography. These images are not permitted to be sold or exchanged for money of any denomination, and may not be published in print publication without explicit written contract from the Photographer. 

Please complete the following form and submit. Once processed, a copy will be e-mailed to you. 

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