mini sessions!

LOOK OUT WORLD, ITS HOLIDAY CARD TIME have no idea how GOOD you're going to look on 2016's card!

i'm going to make these photos your best photos EVER, so we are going big!

we have so many options! we can:

  • harvest a christmas tree
  • wait for snow and make snow angels
  • have a leaf party
  • visit the salisbury house

what do you LOVE? maybe we can go for hot chocolate and layer a bunch of scarves, sweaters and vests with mittens and pom pom hats.

your family is beautiful...let's do this! it's not fair to keep that beauty hidden.

i'm here to make you look good. i promise to catch all the happy moments... big grins, big hugs, and the little gentle cheek kisses.

LET'S DO THIS. call anytime!


name *
tell me all of your ideas! i'm in!


2016 holiday locations

does one of the mini session locations work for you? if not, let's book something in the metro.

i'll be there!