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modern BOUDOIR portraiture

***These ladies are NOT professional models***

They are you. They’re mamas, they’re in corporate america, they’re doctors, they’re teachers, they’re artists, they’re beautiful. They realized they treat themselves to salon days. They retreat at spa days. Nails are done, teeth are perfect and that now it’s time to document the sh*t out of that. This is their magazine spread. Done up, dressed, undressed, and beautiful. They realized that photoshoots aren’t just for models. Each one of these women said, I’m worth documenting. I deserve a beautiful portrait of myself. I don’t need to wait for a wedding, an anniversary, or a family session. I. WANT. MY. OWN. SHOOT. For me.

“I am worth the investment. Hair, makeup, styling, photo shooting. I did this
for me. Sharing some of these images with my husband was just a bonus.
When I’m at the salon, I book my next cut and color while still standing in the salon.
When I was done my photo shoot, I did the same. Session #2 is on the books.”

-miss j, toronto, 2018

Is today the day you realize you’re worth the investment? You may never know you needed it, but I promise you, while you’re your stylists are fixing you up, you’ll already be thinking about booking your next shoot.

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