My Hair in Des Moines

Do you know it took me 30 years to figure out how to do my hair? And it all happened in the good ol' DSM.

This all happened while I've been a wedding photographer, might I add. Anywho, I feel that 30 years is an ESPECIALLY slow learning curve. Goodness. Much to my surprise, someone asked me for a how-to on how I achieve my hair-do. I think this is kinda funny, so here it is.

  1. Wash with very expensive Herbal Essences shampoo (because I love the smell).
  2. Spray Aveda Brilliant all over when wet. And comb through.
  3. Blow dry. And plug in straightener and curling wand.
  4. Flatten ends (just bottom 1/3).
  5. Curl 1/4 in chunks of hair. Hold wand vertically, cord part up. Curl hair away from face.
  6. Hair spray all over, and underneath with Aveda Air Control (because it's a light mist hairspray and feels dry going in so doesn't get sticky, and SMELLS phenomenal).
  7. Back comb lower portion of hair (bottom 2/3s) with a 'fro pick. I learned this from Meryl Streep in It's Complicated. It combs out the curls a bit and gives you some sultry fluff. (Do others think it's sultry? No idea. But I do know when I have bad days I grab my pick and back comb. It relieves stress and gives me big hair... = Love. I'll even offer to pick out other peoples' hair).
  8. Then lastly, I Aveda Air Control the sh*t out of it again...make sure you get up and under...get to the roots and finger fluff the roots a little.

You may not be too impressed. Enjoy Lula, cause she's got some pretty stellar hair herself. And a bunch of it is on my pants.


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