Marti & Billy

Des Moines' Coolest Couple

Meet Marti & Billy, dare I say Des Moines' coolest couple. Clearly the camera loves them.

I really really like eye-candy details on wedding days. It makes me want to use that crazy clapping emoji. Whether it's in Des Moines, Toronto, or in Croatia, simple styles of brides who are intentional in their details are what make my job as a photographer rewarding and make me keep running back to take another photo of the bouquet, dress, invites, and desserts ;)  And bonus, desserts get a double word score.

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As photographers, we all want gorgeous photos and happy clients. So what is it that makes some weddings stand out? Some folks think it's about following the current wedding trend. But I'm not sure it is. It's more than that. There's a little more twinkle to it, don't you think?!

We look at Pinterest and wedding magazines and we are attracted to weddings that glue our eyes to the page. What is it about these weddings? We start asking ourselves questions about who planned their wedding? Why aren't we ever guests at those types of weddings? How do they do it? What was different about their wedding than my/her/that Well we should hire Marti, because she did something perfectly: she kept it simple and knew how to say "yes" and "no." She defined her wedding day brand. Here are the details of Marti's choices that made this wedding look cohesive and beautiful.

Color palette: neutrals...classic black tuxes, with white and black accessories for men; a simple gown without ornate details; a complementary dress color in a bone shade; green and neutral bouquets where the interest came in the design and floral shapes rather than the colors; light makeup

Location: neutral and wood, brick and green...the locations demanded nothing they remained attractive but clean canvases that allowed the people to stand out, beautiful skin tones radiated through because nothing competed for the space

Freedom: emotional freedom...they were happy, they laughed, they gave gameface and then busted out in joy immediately after...they touched each other and loved on one another; they stayed was their day to love and they LOVED!

Always saying yes to neutral and saying no to anything eye catching that would take away from the look allowed Marti to hone in on something beautiful. She picked green, bone, and black as her palette and it became easy...if it wasn't one of those three colors, she moved on. If it wasn't simple, she moved on. If it was ornate, she might of thought it was beautiful, but she moved on. This approach not only makes decisions easy, time better spent, and keeps costs down, but it pulled the day together like it designed by a pro. If you're planning a wedding, I encourage you to try to hone in on your wedding day brand...if it's ornate, or red, or flashy, or matte...pick your brand and stick with it. Marti...A+   ...Billy, you're wife is a beautiful and intelligent lady. Love you guys!