Sunday Boudoir

Jump in Bed with Boudoir Photography

There is so much to Boudoir yet it's the simplest thing. But what I want you to think about with Boudoir is not lingerie, it's not the location, it's not a pouty's a woman in front of a camera. Look at her. She isn't heavily posed, she isn't worried about a falling strap or twisted's just her. It's her beautiful smile, the contours of her body, and about seeing a portfolio of images that show her what she looks like to the world...if this was you in front of the camera, it would be about why we think YOU are beautiful. You'd see it from our eyes.

It's an honor to have people trust me with this. I know I'd find it hard to just be real and raw in front of a lens, worrying about what needs to be stretched, tucked, or hidden. But that's the beauty of boudoir. It's not about that. You don't have to hide or worry about anything because it's not about making images of everything. It's about making images of those little secrets of you: maybe its your lippy smile, maybe your collar bone, maybe your hip, maybe your toes or ankles...maybe something you don't even know looks so beautiful. I adore boudoir sessions. I'll show you all the beautiful sides of you that you forgot (or maybe never even knew) you had.

...and trust me, there can be lingerie too...that's the other part that's a secret until you come to the studio.