You and me are about to make some town a. little. bit. cooler.
Wedding photography isn't a service, it's an experience. 
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Meet Steph

Seven years ago I started photographing couples. One day, I looked through my images post shoot and couldn't take my eyes off of something. It was a photograph of my client - a woman with a smile so huge, belly-laughing with the love of her life...she wasn't thinking about her thighs, upper arms, or stomach, she was way too busy being in love to even notice. It brought me so much happiness to capture this moment for them and show them a side they never see, but rather only feel between each other. I kept photographing and seven years later, it brought you here to me. Thank you for stopping in to see what I do.

I'm Steph and I'd like to be your Des Moines Wedding Photographer and if you're going global, call me - 50% of my time is spent traveling. I love amazing people and hope you read the rest of this page.

I'm really an outstanding photographer, but what I can't do is home decor. If that's what you need, this isn't the place for it. You should go now and never look back. more



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Steph Kadlicko


Based in Des Moines, IA, available for travel worldwide.

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