The tight hold he gives you when he pulls you in so tight to kiss you
The way he wipes away your tears as you squeeze each others' hands during your vows
The feeling of looking up & seeing the most precious people in the world there because of and to love you

Let's capture the first and most amazing adventure of your life, together

I'm Steph, a Des Moines Wedding Photographer, and I'm ready to meet you anywhere

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Seven years ago I started photographing couples in love. I'd sit and stare at their photos afterward (in the non-creepy way) and just swoon. In one photograph it was a man who held his woman's face and, without a word, told the world he found his best friend and that he loved her so much, just by the way he looked at her before he kissed her. In another photograph it was a woman with her smile huge, belly-laughing with the love of her life...she wasn't worried about her thighs, upper arms, or stomach she was way too busy loving her man to even notice. It brought me so much happiness to capture this for them and show them something they never see, but only feel. I kept photographing and it brought you here to me. Thank you for stopping in to see what I do.

Guess what? The most important part of your wedding is planned - you found someone that is effing crazy about you. You two (with me as the third wheel!) will make some magic. I'm here to create art with you using the tiny moments and all the big feels.

I'm Steph and I'd like to be your Des Moines Wedding Photographer. I'm in love with amazing people. So, I really hope you read the rest of this page.

I'm really an outstanding photographer, but what I can't do is home decor. If that's what you need, this isn't the place for it. You should go now and never look back. more


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Home base is Des Moines, IA. Every weekend I'm on the road,
driving and flying to romantic weddings and sessions around the country, 
and across the pond. 

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