Barnes' Place, Des Moines...

Look at them. Could they be any more perfect together? I love their kind of love... Is it possible for anyone not to be as crazy about their day as I am? Courtney and Chris stole MY heart on their wedding day.

Photography: An interesting thing happened here. They had an overcast, hazy day. This worked incredibly to my advantage. The sky was not only like the proverbial "lightbox," but it was also like the opaque diffuser some folks use on their flash. It scatter light for me and dampened light at the same time. Educate your clients on the benefits of each lighting scenario...that way, if weather isn't exactly cooperating everyone still has something to look forward to. Look at the light in the photo of them walking away from the camera...look at how moody, damp, and romantic their path looks into the blurry distance. Ugh, I LOVE IT. GO and rock your next shoot.

I love this day! Thank you for picking me! Love love love you guys.