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Des Moines Wedding Photographers - Q + A

Steph, I have a beautiful set of clients. I'm a Des Moines wedding photographer and I've been at this a while. How do I make this shoot look different than last week's shoot?

1. Congrats on having shoots every weekend!

2. Are you sure it won't look different? Some easy thing to change are:
-time of day you schedule the shoot
-the level from which your shooting (crouch, climb, lay...)
-outfit style (don't be afraid to suggest outfits to clients! ...have them bring a few them pick unique clothing)
-shoot with a different lens

3. That said, I like my 35mm, and I don't necessarily want to change that lens...and I like shooting two hours before sunset, so I don't want to change that either. What I would do, however, is suggest a different location and point out the reason you're suggesting this other location is to keep their portfolio unique to them. I took my clients who wanted a green space that everyone else also wanted, to a spot at the greenspace where I could do a little more than just walk on grass. I asked them to move toward the water and tried to determine how, as a Des Moines wedding photographer, I could stand out from the others shooting in all the same spots. The answer is, be different. I didn't see too many photos of other photographers catching their clients walking through water. I knew my clients wanted something unique. Adding those two together, I kicked off my sneaks and waited for my clients to stroll through the water.

4. What I said to the clients:
-"do you guys mind getting your feet wet?"
-"Bailey, can you hold your dress up loosely and hold Dylan's hand?"
-"walk toward me, but plan to pass right by me as if I'm not here."
-"keep your gaze at eye-level and talk to each other, look all around, or talk about a particular thing you see on the horizon...skip looking at the camera, make this about you two."
-"ok, perfect! let's do that one more time...I focused on Bailey the whole time, now I want to focus on Dylan."

5. The clients were happy because they now knew they had unique photos. Additionally, they didn't need to do the planning or thinking about the location. Never forget that clients like to have you as the expert, that's why they chose you! So be boss. (I just changed my title on Facebook to "Boss" for fun too).

Talk soon!

mississauga wedding photographer in action