Emily & Matt

These two...I just can't...look at them? Their entire portfolio makes me swoon. It doesn't look much like Arizona, does it? But talk to me about the light. Isn't it the most perfect light? It was such an intimate wedding, I loved it so much. I could gush about it over and over. 

Photography: Let me tell you something I thought about with lighting on this shoot.

1. Put the sun behind the subjects, that in turn, puts their faces completely in shade - middle of the day? No problem, eat that sun. (Unless it's literally at it's highest...that topic for a different day).
2. Get the couple by something that can trickle light through itself - in this case, it was the tree galley. It made for romantic rim lighting, which I'm I can't get enough of.
3. This isn't a lighting comment, but it's important. Let the couple be. Call out some direction to put them at east and get them moving, but let them find comfort in each other for a min. It makes them stay close, and kiss, and touch and get even closer. Keep shooting through that. There is this one moment when the heart strips down and shows you something secret.

I feel...so grateful to have been there with them on the start of their journey.

With so much love,