Steph KadlickoComment


Steph KadlickoComment

You don't have to Harlem Globtrot across Des Moines on the wedding.

There are a ton of insanely close photo locations in the city. Des Moines wedding photographers have it made here. There was absolutely no shortage of sweet hotspots as Abby, Mert, and the crew ran around. We were crunched for time so we picked a spot: The Des Moines Riverwalk. Within 100 yards we had at least 10 brilliant photo locations in arms reach. Here was the path.

  1. Private residence
  2. Des Moines River Walk
    • Walnut Corner
    • Hub
  3. Court Ave.

...I can't get enough of the green patina lamp...[swoon].

If you park by the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, walk to the Hub, stop off at the green lamp, make it down the stairs to get the big wall, long grass, river, and old stone, and then shoot back up the ramp to get the colored wall, you've covered a ton of photographic mileage without tiring your feet. Next, head over westward on Court Ave. after spending some time on the bridge to find colored walls, lanterns, benches, stairs, and the Des Moines Court House itself. A quick stop in or by Hessen Haus and then the old train depot and you've got a portfolio F U L L of great diversity in your images. You're workin' too hard if you're driving from spot to spot. Leave yourself some time to catch the in between moments that happen on the walk...say no to driving!

Talk soon,